Lucky Pet
'It's Fish They're After'
TV / Print
Show people that Lucky Pet cat food is made of real fish.

Every cat owner knows how aloof cats can be - especially if they aren't fed what they want.
They have an unrelenting love for fish, and will do anything to get it, even leave their home.
The question is, where do they go?

Show how a normal, domestic house cat leaves the comfort of its home
 in search of the food it really wants – the real fish goodness of Lucky Pet.

This is a charming story of a cat that goes on an amazing adventure.
To ensure that we’d be able to tell the story on a grand scale, we chose to bring it to life using animation.

To best appeal to cat lovers, we studied and included real cat behaviour – things that any cat lover could identify with,
and make our cat feel charming and relatable. To ensure that our hero cat feels authentic and real, each frame of its animation was hand drawn.
As a result, the final commercial has a nostalgic feeling, reminiscent of the old Disney cartoons of yesteryear.
ECD: Jonathan Beggs
CD: Lucas van Vuuren
AD: Karabo Makenna, Steve Tyler
CW: Gerhard Pretorius, Batandwa Alperstein
Director: Porteus Xandau
Production House: Golden Planes
Music Composer: Marcus Wormstorm
Audio: We Love JAM
Animation: Black Ginger
CG Supervisor - Darrin Hofmeyr
2D Animation - Sasha Perdigao
Clean Up and Paint - Thea de Klerk, Daoyi Lu
Backgrounds - Daoyi Lu, Thea de Klerk
Storyboard - Thea de Klerk
Compositing - Angelo Beciero, Chris Bekker
Flame- Marco Reposo de Barbosa, Eddie Addinall
3D - (People, cars cats etc.)
CG Animation - Andre de Villiers, Marthinus Wessels, Roberto Pita, Jac Hamman, Samantha Cutler
Modeling and Texturing - Roelof van Wyk, Hayden Barnett, Lani Greenhill

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