Skip #FabulousDressProject

Can a dress keep looking fabulous even if you stain it on purpose? We wanted to put our washing powder to the test in a creative way with what women dread most when it comes to the clothes they love – stains. Fashion designer, Celeste Arendse, and fashion blogger, Aisha Baker, tell us a story of how a washing powder made it possible to design a dress with stains, and keep it fabulous, wash after wash.

Skip Fabulous Washing Powder
Experiential / Activation
Product Launch

Creative Director: Lucas van Vuuren, Jonathan Warncke
Copywriter: Melissa Fontini
Designer: Alwine Nolte
Art Director: Lucas van Vuuren
Director: Gerhard Pretorius
Editor: Mikhail Gany 
Photographer: Zaid Joseph
Project Manager: Susan Kompa. Alison Pegg
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