Sanlam Private Investments
Think Personal - Campaign
A good relationship takes work. A wealthy relationship takes an ongoing commitment
to knowing your clients; understanding their every investment need so that you can
advise them better. That’s why, at Sanlam Private Investments, we `think personal’.

This new brand positioning needed to be communicated to all staff of SPI, so that they
would understand the importance of getting closer to their individual clients, as well as
to one another. One of the things we did was to email out a fun, interactive questionnaire
to staff members of the various SPI offices, which are now based in South Africa, Australia,
England and Switzerland. The questions allowed staff to find out a little more about the
people they work with, both locally and abroad.
(The look and feel built on the `pinstripe’ art direction of the print work.)

The answers were then compiled and presented back to the staff in the form of an infographic.
The results could be filtered by individual countries, or presented as one global outcome.
The questionnaire and accompanying infographic were simple yet effective ways to getting
everyone at SPI to think personal.
Airport Arrivals Billboard

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